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Blaze SEGA Arcade Nano - Sonic Edition  

Blaze SEGA Arcade Nano - Sonic Edition

Pocket games console with 10 built in Sega Megadrive games, TV out port and 8 directional joystick with A, B, C buttons.

The Arcade Nano Sega Megadrive portable keychain video games console comes loaded with 5 classic Sega Megadrive games built in and an additional 5 mini games thrown in for good measure, the Arcade Nano packs a punch way above it's weight class (especially when you consider it weighs only 80g!)

Take your Sega Megadrive Arcade Nano Keychain with anywhere you go and plug it into any TV (that has an AV output) - an essential ingredient for a good time an any situation - in a hotel, at the pub, in your spare room, in your living room and anywhere else you can find a TV.

Games Featured: Each Sega Arcade Nano Keychain Megadrive contains 10 officially-licensed games:

Sonic Arcade contains:

  • Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Sonic the Hedgehog 2
  • Sonic Spinball
  • Sonic 3D Blast
  • Alex Kidd
  • Air Hockey, Naval Power, Cannon, Fight or Lose, Checker


Console ships with:
Sega Arcade Nano pocket keychain console, 1x AAA battery, TV A/V cable


  • The Arcade Nano Sega Megadrive games console is a simple 'plug and play' system - everything is 'built in', all you need to do is connect the AV cable to your TV (cable included)!
  • 8 directional joystick with traditional A,B and C buttons with an additional X button for use with the 5 bonus 16bit games
  • The smallest Sega Megadrive console in the world - marginally larger than a matchbox!
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Requires 1x AAA battery (included)

Measures approximately 6.8cm (W) x 4.1cm (D) x 3.2cm (H)


"Cheap, fun and perfect for travelling" "It's a perfect gadget to leave in your luggage and plug into the hotel TV"


  • Small nano-sized, cute looking and doubles as an uber-cool retro keychain!
  • Good selection of Games on each set, many awesome classics!
  • Low price, packed full of retro goodness,  makes an AWESOME gift for retro gamers!
  • Awesome novelty item for sega hardcore fans!!

"The wonders of miniaturisation may frazzle our weary and rapidly aging minds, but we posses enough of our marbles to know that these mini-consoles are well worth dropping some cash on - especially if you’re old enough to remember when a Mega Drive cost almost £200." "These pocket-sized wonders are perfect mini-gifts for Christmas" "The fact that they’re so incredibly portable means you can just pop one in your bag and hook it up whenever you encounter a TV"

"The pocket console also comes at a pocket price, ready to be the perfect stocking filler this Christmas"

"Considering the size of the device and the fact it is powered by a single AAA battery – it holds up well for a product that also doubles as a key chain"

"Ever get an urge to play an old school arcade game on the go? You can with the Sega Arcade Nano Keychain"

"Great for passing times in boring hotels or caravans"

"I present to you one of the smallest console gaming gadgets I have ever seen in my life. This SEGA Megadrive representation is as small as a keyring accessory and can be carried around like a snazzy piece of SEGA bling wherever you go" "The memories certainly flood back for the more nostalgic among us and it was a pleasure to be consumed by the entertainment value these games still bestow" "I can certainly imagine one of these tucked in among a selection of smaller gifts this Christmas, so if you are looking for that one present that is quite a bit different from the usual suspects, the Arcade Nano is certainly a strong contender"

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