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Blink Now - Computer Vision Syndrome Solution  

Blink Now - Computer Vision Syndrome Solution

Blink Now - help prevent the symptoms of computer vision syndrome, headache, dry eye, migraine and eye strain!

Computer Vision Syndrome related symptoms:

• Screen Fatigue
• Blurred Vision
• Sore Eyes
• Headaches / Migranes
• Contact Lens Intolerance

CVS affects over 90% of users who use their computer for more than 3hours per day - If you take time to think about how often you use your PC, it is a strong possibility that computer vision syndrome could be causing your headaches or dry eyes, especially when you consider the variety of our daily computer tasks include:

• PC/Laptop use in the workplace
• Watching YouTube videos 
• Using Facebook
• Online Banking
• Emailing
• Online Shopping
• Online Gaming
• Online Research
• Online Mapping and Navigational Services
• Online News

The Blinknow device is a unique patented device specifically designed to counter eye strain from prolonged (classed as anything over 3 hours per day) computer usage at the workdesk environment. The device encourages you to blink whilst working on your computer or VDU screens. The device promotes eye health at the computer work desk environment by prompting individuals to perform regular blinking.

The carefully thought through design, developed by eye specialists and IT professionals ensures that the blinknow!® device is easy to use, effective and will stimulate you passively without distracting you from the task on the computer.

Some of the symptoms of computer vision syndrome or screen fatigue are caused by decreased blinking while working long hours focusing on computer screens. Independent studies have shown that the blink reflex is reduced when doing computer work. The longer the eye remains open between blinks, the more likely the front surface of the eye (cornea) is to dehydrate. This leads to dry eyes, resulting in a feeling of tiredness and irritation in the eyes with inability to properly focus on near objects after a short duration.

A recent study cited in a European Eye Journal showed that a schematic visual representation of a blink presented to computer users can increase the blink rate of the individuals.

The Blink reminder device is a unique patented device. The device encourages individuals to blink whilst working on their computer or VDU screen. The device is a visual display apparatus similar in size to a webcam. Once the device is switched on, it will show a blink. The blink will be repeated at regular intervals. It will remind the user to blink at a healthy rate thus overriding the blink suppression that can occur during prolonged computer work.

For maximum benefit the blinknow device must be used on a long term basis, regularly and continuously while working at the computer.

For full details, please visit our sister site - www.blinknow.co.uk

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